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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Announced with 30 Games
Recently Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition which is a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that includes 30 games built-in... all for $59.99! :)
Nintendo Announces NX Gaming Platform to Launch in March 2017
Ok, so we rarely post Nintendo news here since this is primarily a PlayStation site BUT Nintendo officially announced today as part of their financial report (refer to the 160427e.pdf) that they...
Wii-U Loader: Homebrew Launcher for WiiU by Dimok789 Released
Following the Wii-U Homebrew WIP, today Nintendo Wii-U homebrew developer Dimok789 released a Homebrew Launcher followed by v1.1 for WiiU owners alongside a full (runs Loadiine, Homebrew Launcher...
Wii U Coldboothax, RedNAND and Homebrew WIP Demo by Smealum
Today Nintendo Wii developer smealum shared a demonstration video showcasing Wii U Coldboothax, RedNAND and homebrew work-in-progress! :) To quote from the video caption: This is a video...

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