1. AdvMerlin

    Adrenaline 6.61 PSPemu CFW for TaiHEN on PS Vita by TheFloW

    6.61 Adrenaline-3 fix update from TheFloW: 6.61 Adrenaline-3 fix Downloads adrenaline_v3_fix.zip Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz) :arrow: Another minor update released: 6.61 Adrenaline-3.1 6.61 Adrenaline-3.1 Downloads adrenaline_v3.1.zip Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)...
  2. AdvMerlin

    PS4SaveEditor: Cyber Gadget's PS4 Save Editor Leaked Source Code

    Here is what appears to be a Japanese Compatibility List by Sister Shaking 500 from the Chinese BBS Duowan of PlayStation 4 games that can be modified with the PS4 Save Editor, roughly translated: Note: Hong Kong players need to find the corresponding game players will be numbered unified...
  3. AdvMerlin

    PSXHAX Gets Disqus Commenting Integration

    @PSXHAX Keep on rockin me baby :D
  4. AdvMerlin

    Will Sony Make a PlayStation 5 / PS5 for Next-Gen?

    I voted for a PS5, bring it on Sony :D
  5. AdvMerlin

    Happy Halloween 2015 to Everyone at PSXHACKS from PSXHAX!

    Title says it best... Happy Halloween 2015 people!!! Have fun trick or treating tonight, and don't forget to find a sincere pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin! :p
  6. AdvMerlin

    October 21, 2015 - Back to the Future Day is Officially Upon Us!

    @PSXHAX You forgot "once this sucker hits 88mph..." :D
  7. AdvMerlin

    Lumen - Eternal Flashlight That Doesn't Need Batteries

    Honestly I'm surprised it took someone this long to come up with that.
  8. AdvMerlin

    Old Site Accounts Imported to PSXHAX, All Read In for Details!

    I'm here to help, but you already know that :D Table Testing: Bundles (Alternating Backgrounds) Console Bundle Price PS4 Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2 $24.99 PS4 Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition $59.99 PS4 Madden NFL 16 Deluxe: Season Edition $79.99 PS4 Madden NFL 16 Super Deluxe...
  9. AdvMerlin

    PSXHAX To-Do / Feature Request List

    We need founder badges !! :rolleyes:
  10. AdvMerlin

    This Is A Test Of The PSXHAXing System

    This is only a test :p
  11. AdvMerlin

    This is a PSXHAX - PSXHACKS Forum New Test Post With a Long Title

    I think we're good on long titles.