1. AmeenBaathar

    PlayStation Scene Devs on Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploits and Homebrew

    Be patient everyone, thanks for the news psxhax
  2. AmeenBaathar

    PS4 Exploit Host Menu Leeful Host v2 WIP Design Update and Demo

    I loved the friendly host, and I am loving this, thank you can't wait to try it
  3. AmeenBaathar

    PS4 System Software / Firmware 6.72 Released, Don't Update!

    People complaining about jailbreak, there are tons and tons of discounted games, jailbreaking is for devs and people who wants to mod and have fun not to backup games that devs put their life work for, grow up or get a PC
  4. AmeenBaathar

    Overcome: Save the Girl Edition PS4 Homebrew PKG by Lapy05575948

    Love me some fresh brews šŸ˜Š thanks
  5. AmeenBaathar

    Mark Cerny Reveals PS5 Features Ray Tracing, SSD and PS VR!

    Ray-Tracing, I don't see that happening, or if there is a need for it :)