1. PS4 Renesas RL78 Debug Protocol Implementation by Fail0verflow

    good i may not know what it does but some progress is better than nothing wait i think i may know Octo's entry point in the bd-drive so it's useless on latest but perhaps someone can grab something "useful" on 7.0 or below
  2. Red Dead Online Recreation in Dreams on PS4 by Rikkiscafe

    hate how RS/T2 is pulling this crap i get it for online cheating in RDO/GTAO but one player modding should be left alone actually there should be another exemption for PC game modding under the DMCA for single player games... and they wonder why we hack our systems? it's not only backups but...
  3. PS3 games freezing after short time of play

    @Ember4657 Changing the thermal paste might do it i recommend Artic MX-4 it's better quality but over all else it must be non conductive or you can screw up the chips more than likely the cheap thermal paste sony used dried and is now overheating your ps3 causing the freezing you can get mx 4...
  4. Oct0xor on Hacking PS4 / PS3 Blu-ray Drives at #36c3 Livestream!

    wonder how much he got for that exploit? if it was apple bare minimum+ an NDA if any comp at all sony idk at times like this hope he got screwed out of a fat paycheck btw somebody did bug bounty on some government computer and just got a damn tshirt if that happened to me i'd be so salty i'd...
  5. Oct0xor on Hacking PS4 / PS3 Blu-ray Drives at #36c3 Livestream!

    I can imagine all the threats on his twitter page for selling his soul to sony
  6. PS4 System Software / Firmware 7.02 is Now Live, Don't Update!

    i hope the guy that i bought my ps4 from screw up too badly by having 7.02 pre installed before i traded him my switch lite i just hope w/e this BD drive hack is wasn't patched.
  7. Hacking Sony PlayStation 4 Blu-ray Drives by Oct0xor 36c3 Talk Details

    wouldn't it be cool if the SAMU keys are used for the BD drive (encrypted of course) and we could decrypt the drive and retrieve the samu keys?
  8. Hacking Sony PlayStation 4 Blu-ray Drives by Oct0xor 36c3 Talk Details

    some questions remain in my mind.. is the BD fw separate from system fw (if the answers yes maybe it hasn't been patched yet in 7.02), what is required for hacking the drive and what it can do as far as code execution in its current state?
  9. PlayStation Store Holiday Sale: Up to Half Off on Over 1,500 PSN Titles

    good thing it lasts til 1/5 for those gift returns
  10. PS4 System Software / Firmware 7.02 is Now Live, Don't Update!

    I'd just say download the pup's for when a new exploit goes live the update to the latest for the new hack supports then hack it
  11. Want to buy any model PS4 for around $100

    hi im looking to buy a ps4 (hackability not required but preferred) i don't have much (roughly $100) but i do have a switch lite i'm willing to let go as extra payment will come with a charger + wiped) usa only please
  12. FBI Warrant Orders PS4 PSN Data from Sony on Alleged Drug Dealer

    what i find weird is why do they need his progress? unless they mean in game currency amount
  13. GameStop Reports Massive Q2 Loss, Closing Up to 200 Stores This Year

    I just pre ordered the switch lite at my local store (the local b&M store doesn't pre order on new systems cause of limited quantity they get) i sure hope the store doesn't close the day before (anyone with experiance with that? i'm sure they'll at least refund the $213 or ship it for free from...
  14. PS4 System Software / Firmware 6.70 Released, Don't Update!

    I bet 5 dollars the devs won't release crap because of white knighting anti backups BS
  15. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Joins New PS4 Games Next Week

    Do not play this game (PR: BFTG) it's nothing but a pay for more features (DLC, extra fighters, season passes) I played the switch version IT'S AWFUL worst off the game is $20 why would you release a season pass game with 6 fighters to start off with and it cost $20 and more for the dlc?