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  1. CHIP 8 Emulator PoC for PS4 HEN 4.05 PKG Arrives via Darbness!

    Thanks for the share, I made this too hopefully show how easy it is to make homebrew for the PS4. I am in no way a developer. I have no formal training. With the leak of the patched official *** that can compile for <4.05 there is no excuse for the lack of homebrew.
  2. PS4 Linux on 4.05 is a Thing! Valentinbreiz / Darbnes #Hello2018
  3. Game Box Hero Retro Gaming System Demo Video and Alternatives

    I made an arcade cabinet that originally had a Pi in it running retropie. I have since upgraded it to a full blown gaming rig inside so I can play ps2 and N64 at full speed. But yea, check out Retropie, it's as easy as installing the image, coping the Rom's you want and plugging in a Usb...