1. Gelson

    Mednafen PS4 PKG Port of Multi-system Emulator Arrives via Markus95

    Great. Thank you for shared.
  2. Gelson

    UDK Ultimate PS3 Update V2: Create, Play and Share on Any PlayStation 3!

    Thank you for shared. You are Br?
  3. Gelson

    Netflix and Plex Application NoPSN PKGs for PS4 Now Available

    Link Netflix: EP4350-CUSA00127_00-NETFLIXPOLLUX001-A0100-V0107.pkg (34.5 MB) New Link Plex: UP4544-CUSA01850_00-PLEX000000000000.pkg (60.2 MB) New Link Youtube: youtube.pkg (78.1 MB)
  4. Gelson

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Modding Demos by RDR2 Modder JediJosh920

    Guys, don't you read? This is not an RDRII on a jailbroken console but a locked console, with official game only having its save game edited via savewizard. Pay more attention before posting meaningless things, of course I'm not generalizing.
  5. Gelson

    PS4 Community Trainer Update with New UI by DeathRGH

    My folder 285 game trainers offline.
  6. Gelson

    PlayStation's New State of Play Video Showcase Debuts Monday

    So at E3 there's nothing to show.
  7. Gelson

    OrbisDbg / OrbisDbgUI PS4 Payload & Code Library by Skiffaw (Matrix)

    Very good. Thank you for shared!!!
  8. Gelson

    PS4 Unity FS (FileSystem) Manager PKG by LightningMods

    Basic video demonstration.
  9. Gelson

    PS4 Memory API Server for Homebrew Developers by McCaulay

    Wow, good job. TY for shared.
  10. Gelson

    Free Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Hits PS VR This Holiday Season

    Video? I'd rather it was a game, but okay.
  11. Gelson

    PS4 OpenESPHost by Baptistecdr to Execute PS4 5.05 Payloads

    MiraHen restart my PS4.
  12. Gelson

    PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH

    great tool ! thanks a lot !!!