1. Hellraz0r

    PS4Modding.net: PS4 Cheats and Modding Platform Trainers with Tools

    Wow.. Great work thanks @Shiningami and other Devs. :love:
  2. Hellraz0r

    PS4 AIO Offline 5.05 Exploit Playground and Guide by W!ck3d_cl0wn

    Great work @Juggalojon Thanks! Looks really cool.
  3. Hellraz0r

    PS4 iTrainer: Game Cheats on IOS (Online & Offline) by Shiningami

    @Shiningami very nice, thanks for the iOS support you are genius bro.
  4. Hellraz0r

    PS4 Web Trainer for PlayStation 4 Game Cheats by TylerMods

    @TylerMods thanks for the WebTrainer working great.
  5. Hellraz0r

    Sony Financial Results Meeting: No PS5 Release Before April 2020

    It's fine I can wait. TLOU pt 2 and maybe even God of War 2 will release when the console does and those games are worth waiting for.
  6. Hellraz0r

    PS4HEN 2.0 Homebrew Enabler for PS4 5.05 via SiSTR0!

    Thanks for great work. (y)
  7. Hellraz0r

    PS4 Cheats.FPKGs: PlayStation 4 Cheats Fake Packages by JgDuff

    Awesome. Thank you very much for this great Cheats. Thanks @jgduff Greetings. ;)
  8. Hellraz0r

    PS4Reaper Multitrainer: PS4 Community Cheat Loader by Shiningami

    Good job @Shiningami and awesome looking app, keep it up!
  9. Hellraz0r

    PS4 Droid Trainer: Game Cheats on Android (Online and Offline)

    Awesone @Shiningami thanks for the tool.