1. hyndrid

    PS4 IPv6 UAF 6.70-6.72 Kernel Exploit with Patches, Maybe More Stable!

    Mira elf + bin 6.72 : Mira-Project PS4 6.72 Payloads.zip (372 KB)
  2. hyndrid

    PS4 6.72 Payload Ports, Updated Mira Project Support & ELF / Loader

    i hate backups :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  3. hyndrid

    Orbis Libs Gen: Stub Generator for PS4 Symbols by OrbisDev via FJTrujy

    Don't update past 6.20 if you want a kxploit. x'D
  4. hyndrid

    PS4 Backup And Restore (BAR) Keys & Envelope Files Documented

    6.20 PS4 Kxploit x'Dx'D good joke
  5. hyndrid

    Dishonored: Definitive Edition 60 FPS Mod PS4 PKG by Wastelander121

    there exists a hombrew to display the fps of the PS4 ?
  6. hyndrid

    PCSX-R Emulator PS4 Port Crash Bandicoot & Resident Evil PSOne Demos

    @turrinha yes you must rename it again when you want play another game
  7. hyndrid

    PS4 Kernel Bug Details by TheFloW, Fixed Between 5.05-6.20 OFW

    maybe he is the messian of ps4 scene
  8. hyndrid

    Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator PS4 PKG Port by Markus95

    Don't forget Znullptr who released his yabause.self
  9. hyndrid

    Installing Linux on Internal PS4 Hard Drive (HDD) 5.05 Loader Payload

    Only 10XX/11XX phat are supported.
  10. hyndrid

    PS4 mGBA Game Boy Advance Emulator Port PKG by Znullptr

    this is not a final release