1. JohnDoker

    PS4 Firmware / System Software 7.00 Beta 2.00 Hits Testers, Features

    I'm on 5.05. No one cares, i know :ROFLMAO:
  2. JohnDoker

    Don't Even Think PS4 Release Date and Trailer Video Arrives

    Yeah, i think ps4 release date and trailer video are coming Problem with that?
  3. JohnDoker

    Mark Cerny Reveals PS5 Features Ray Tracing, SSD and PS VR!

    Awesome!! But we'll need 100Gb min per game in the next gen
  4. JohnDoker

    PS4 Remote Play Open Source Client in Development by Thestr4ng3r

    I guess we'll need a updated PS4 > 5.05 to use this trick I really need a second PS4, or a switch, i don't know!