1. krzys4x

    Playing PS4 Games Over LAN on 5.05 Firmware with XBSLink Guide

    I dont play offline or with cheaters or zombies I played bln years with cod bots offline
  2. krzys4x

    The Last of Us Part II PS4 Release Date and Reveal Trailer Video!

    gears of war 5 is better
  3. krzys4x

    PS4 Exploit Host Menu Leeful Host v2 WIP Design Update and Demo

    ps4 admin 5.05 offline still unbeatable
  4. krzys4x

    PS4 Firmware Checker for Latest System and Recovery FW by Pearlxcore

    5.05 here baby with 600 games btw I have 7 consoles cfw without xbox one s tb cfw but I only play on him halo games gow 4 and mw4
  5. krzys4x

    AzuraMenu.com Live, Load Azura PS4 GTA Menu Mods in 1.76 Browsers

    ps4admin offline baby rocks and this is useless
  6. krzys4x

    PS3 System Software 4.85 Update Live, Don't Update Your Firmware!

    I have ps3 slim cfw 4.81 multiman baby
  7. krzys4x

    PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI by Justanormaldev

    my ps4 5.05 is offline ps4 admin baby
  8. krzys4x

    Sony Patent Surfaces on Rumored PlayStation 5 / PS5 Development Kit Design

    Although Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 console isn't expected until the 2020 holiday season, today Andrew Marmo tweeted about a rumored Sony Interactive Entertainment patent (sony-interactive-entertainment.pdf) and images that surfaced on LetsGoDigital.org that may provide a glimpse into...
  9. krzys4x

    Sony Financial Results Meeting: No PS5 Release Before April 2020

    ps5 sux even if already today release only hacked matters
  10. krzys4x

    PlayStation 5 Concept Design PS5 Trailer Video by ConceptsiPhone

    I only buy hacked consoles xbox2 and ps4 5.05 I have with pc 6 consoles recently I bought for 250 dollar xbox classic 2tb with all released games