1. PS Vita 3.69 / 3.70 Jailbreak Announced by Scene Dev TheFloW!

    I wonder is there was be another unexpected update to patch it... rocking Enso and it's great!
  2. PS4 6.20 WebKit Code Execution Exploit PoC by SpecterDev!

    Good to see work on this! Still a long way to go, but it's a start.
  3. PS4 v5.05 Self Host & ESP8266 Exploit Playground Updates by Zoilus

    @Zoilus that was quick! I am still on the version released in September 2018! For general day to day use I've not had the need to upgrade but I am now interested in running trainers so will give this a whirl soon. As always, really like that layout and graphics! Thanks!
  4. Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulator Port for PS4 by 7he D4RK H4CK

    It's nice to see all these PS2 ports coming to PS4 :)
  5. PS4 6.20 Build Strings by Fire30, ETA WEN for Kernel Exploit?

    Good to see more light on the possibility of exploit. If it is released then great news all round but even if not, just encouraging to see talent being able to identify the exploits :)
  6. Playing original PS3 games on a standard Blu-ray player

    This is interesting. I hadn't contemplated these devices would even have enough power to allow for gaming lol.
  7. xPloitServer: Persistant Android Webserver for X-Project by Stooged

    Awesome release. I was reliant on Android hosting before getting ESP. Then came caching which allowed me to do away with the ESP... until I need it updating lol.
  8. XLink Kai 7.4.32 Released by Team XLink with PlayStation 4 Support

    When I looked it said no supported games in the list under PS4. I recall needing to enter a group in order to play as being inside the main lobby never used to work for me (on Xbox 360).
  9. PS4 6.20 Method: Activate PSN Accounts with Games via Jose Coixao!

    This is useful for those who are wanting to share games they own. I suppose it's not much use to vast majority but for those who are unable to exploit their PS4 it's an alternative method.
  10. BwE Complete PS4 NOR Removal Guide by BetterWayElectronics

    "This can be for repairing, backing up or just destroying your PS4, it's entirely up to you - no pressure." Lol Very handy for repairing bricked consoles? Do you think this will have scope in future as a downgrading tool or mod chip type exploit?
  11. PS4 6.02 Top Secret Method for Games Rumored Incoming via Zecoxao

    It'll be better when those who claim to have such exploits or methods to run unsigned code post their findings... I'm sure it'll give others an idea how to approach tackling such task in future as a learning exercise.
  12. Show me what you got! (Your PC/Console Setup)

    @stooged - "just a i7 6700 with about 80tb of storage." lol ... "just"!? You have quite a collection of PS4s! Are they on different firmwares by any chance for potential exploit potential?
  13. PS4Brew 4.74 PlayStation 4 Kernel Exploit by CelesteBlue Arrives

    This is great news to bring the consoles stuck behind up to speed. Very similar to PS3 releases. Thank you CelesteBlue for your hard work and dedication to keep scene alive!
  14. PS4 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator by M0rph3us1987

    Great work! Nice to see homebrew scene picking up :)
  15. PS4 RiPKiT / Modding Tool for PlayStation 4 Games by RiPPERD

    This should be handy and hopefully open up more potential for users to contribute and gain from such an app.