1. PS4REN: PS4 Remote Play Enabler for 5.05 by Golden and SiSTRo!

    always useful for pc if you meet the specs i think
  2. Some of the PlayStation 4 E3 2019 PS4 Trailer Videos!

    Elden Ring let it begin already
  3. Installing Linux on Internal PS4 Hard Drive (HDD) 5.05 Loader Payload

    what an excellent achievement THANKS ;)
  4. PS5 / DS5 Controller Rumors Surface Amid New Pictures from Tidux!

    hope its not too big.
  5. PS4 System Software / Firmware 6.50 Released, Don't Update!

    update 6.50 is now out!! cool oh but dont update for hack extra cool if you understand.
  6. X-Project Updates for PS4 5.05 by DefaultDNB (KiiWii) and Leeful

    you are the man thanks for sharing the update!!!
  7. PS4 6.50 BETA Firmware Invites Incoming and Details Surface

    Thinking will be on hen ver4.0
  8. BwE PS4 NOR Comparator & PS3 NAND Validator Source Code

    i think other things are for advance developer or high experience users and thanks for improvement
  9. xPloitServer: Persistant Android Webserver for X-Project by Stooged

    THX LOVE THAT x-project things AIO Massive
  10. PS4 Dump Checker Tool to Validate Flash Dumps by Pearlxcore

    id like check app.pkg ps4 fake pkg and view all details [+photo of fake pkg] file goes on like app.pkg and app2.pkg etc i wonder if this software will show app.pkg original file name and all details :bud:
  11. OpenGL ES for PS4 Writeup and PlayStation 4 GL Test by Flat_z

    HUGE capability work keep going and keep it real.
  12. PS4 Save Mounter GameSave Tutorial by Hejran7

    why didn't i see this before amazing work thanks for sharing.
  13. MSXORBIS FMSX Core on PlayStation 4 Demo Video by BigBoss

    work hard play hard, keep it up