1. Nesterwork

    PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu V1 Payload by AlFaMoDz is Released!

    i get Not Enough Memory error with ArabicGuys menu but AlfaModz works fine
  2. Nesterwork

    Hello World, PS4! Homebrew on 4.05 Firmware & Test Application PKG

    For those that "cant find the ip" to change you need to find the HEX value "it's inside the payload. starts with c0 a8 which is hex for 192 168" search for "c0 a8" and you will need to convert your IP into HEX IP = to convert = 192 168 1 18 HEX = c0 a8 1 12
  3. Nesterwork

    GTA V Native Caller by 2much4u, Nice Fly PS4 4.05 Game Mod by 0x199

    Thanks im on 1.19, ill try reinstalling to 1.00, i got the disc version Works fine on 1.00, guess you HAVE to be on 1.00 XD
  4. Nesterwork

    GTA V Native Caller by 2much4u, Nice Fly PS4 4.05 Game Mod by 0x199

    My GTA just gets stuck at loading 90% on the first loading screen >.< after leaving it for about 10 mins it loaded but the mod does not work for me, tried loading the mod before and after loadin GTA also though IDC and specters exploit, through local host and PS4-Exploit-Host, :'(
  5. Nesterwork

    PS4 Linux on 4.05 is a Thing! Valentinbreiz / Darbnes #Hello2018

    No mistake, send payload hangs for 2-3 mins loads black screen/no signal
  6. Nesterwork

    PS4 FTP IP Set to Change IP Address of FTP Payload by Dbaaz

    Literally was looking to make something like this Good release!
  7. Nesterwork

    GT Sport and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS VR Gameplay Demos

    Got my copy of skyrim VR early :D only just don't the starting bit so far but it's so bloody good!
  8. Nesterwork

    PS4 PKGDec Tool to Decrypt Encrypted Package Entries by RedEyeX32

    Where's my credit for the picture :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. Nesterwork

    Ultrawings on PS VR Joins New PlayStation Game Releases Next Week

    Accounting+!!!!! YEAH BOIIIIII
  10. Nesterwork

    PS5 Controller PlayStation 5 Concept Designs by Julien Kervarrec

    Love these controllers would be amazing also an option to unclip the light things for the vr
  11. Nesterwork

    White PS4 Pro 1TB Console Expected to Arrive on November 7th

    It's beautiful :heart::heart: