1. Air Strike VR and None VR PS4 Unity Homebrew PKG by SnakePlissken

    I wanna try it but I don't have VR! :(
  2. PS4Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes

    I'm still waiting the cheat to get further update when you don't need to use any Ip, just load the package & after launch the game.
  3. PS4 Kernel Bug Details by TheFloW, Fixed Between 5.05-6.20 OFW

    Even with Kexploit 6.20 we can't play Last of us part 2 when it's come out! :cautious:
  4. Ten New PS4 Games Join PlayStation Now for June 2019

    Still waiting for Last of us part 2.