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  1. PS5 Price Predictions: How Much Will PlayStation 5 Cost? Get Saving!

    I hope it costs as much as possible as this will give us better hardware and allow developers to make better looking games.
  2. Making Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG's Guide by Panzah1488

    I wish we had those, as those are the best ones.
  3. Access the PS4's Hard Drive (HDD) on 5.05 Guide by MODDEDWARFARE

    Do we have only FTP or does this work as SSH as well?
  4. Updating to a Specific PS4 Firmware Guide by AlexxLopaztico02

    Can someone help me please. I have replaced my HDD on my PS4 Pro and now I dont know from where to find the PS4UPDATE.PUP file needed for it. I know that when switching to a new hard drive the update file was bigger (~700MB). Can someone point out to where I can download a 5.05 system update...