1. PS4 Firmware / System Software 7.00 Beta 2.00 Hits Testers, Features

    Following Sony's PS4 Beta 6.80 Preview PUP and the recent PS4 OFW 6.72 Update, those who received invites can now install the latest PS4 Firmware / System Software 7.00 Beta 2.00 build (3.00, 4.00 and 5.00 Betas also added below) and check out the latest features including increased party size...
  2. Days Gone PS4 Countdown to Launch Livestream and Horde Gameplay

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  3. Sony Financial Results Meeting: No PS5 Release Before April 2020

    Proceeding confirmation of PS5 backwards compatibility and 8K output, it appears is Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is finally starting to open up with bits of information on their next-generation PlayStation 5 console! :sneaky: According to WSJ Technology Reporter Takashi Mochizuki via...
  4. Mark Cerny Reveals PS5 Features Ray Tracing, SSD and PS VR!

    In an exclusive meeting with Wired, Lead System Architect Mark Cerny (Twitter) revealed Sony's next-gen PS5 videogame console will feature GPU ray tracing, a specialized solid-state drive (SSD), 8K output, PS VR and PS4 backwards compatibility support as PlayStation 5 will include a disc-based...
  5. PS4 System Software / Firmware 6.51 Released, Don't Update!

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  6. PS4 System Software 6.00 Beta Firmware Signups Incoming

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  7. PS4 System Software 6.00 Beta Firmware Signups Incoming

    Earlier this year Sony accepted testers for the PlayStation 4 5.50 Beta detailing the features, which has since been followed by both the PS4 5.50 OFW release and a PS4 5.50 WebKit (Userland) Exploit. Today mainstream news media outlets including Destructoid, IGN and VG247 report that signups...
  8. PS4 Trainer Tool Payload for Project Mira CFW + HEN by TylerMods

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  9. PS4Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes

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