1. PuffinMan

    A Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Hits Netflix on October 11, 2019

    I am eagerly waiting for the movie, *B.!.T.C.H!!!* :D
  2. PuffinMan

    SNESStation SNES Emulator Port for PS4 4.05 by Nominus!

    App: Snes Station - Full Romset Host: Zippyshare & Mega
  3. PuffinMan

    Making Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG's Guide by Panzah1488

    @youwish Duplicate entry for (Shadow of the Colossus) Theme has been removed, plus all the themes that you listed 👆 are now on the SS. Thanks!
  4. PuffinMan

    Ball Blaster: Homebrew PS4 Breakout-style Game PKG by Jwooh

    I've really enjoyed playing this game :love: , Here is my high score see if anyone can break it. :p
  5. PuffinMan

    PS5 / DS5 Controller Rumors Surface Amid New Pictures from Tidux!

    This has been proven false.
  6. PuffinMan

    Xenon Racer by 3DClouds Races to PS4 on March 26, Gameplay Trailer

    It certainly looks good. Ridge Racer meets WipeOut... I like it.
  7. PuffinMan

    NIOH Trainer for PS4 5.05 Firmware by ShininGami

    Here is the mirror ;) Nioh Trainer PS4 by ShininGami V0.1.rar (47.88 MB)
  8. PuffinMan

    PS4 6.20 WebKit Code Execution Exploit PoC by SpecterDev!

    @bablest you need to join the Discord chat channel first then make a post here.
  9. PuffinMan

    The real meaning of the word "homebrew"

    That's a pretty good explanation, and it gets into a 'bit' more depth than I would have expected, given how much you simplified it. Nice work! ;)
  10. PuffinMan

    The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot PS4 Demo Arrives on January 11th

    If I remember correctly the original demo was only 10 minutes :p Surely this is a reference to the original RE2 demo, guess 30 minutes of zombie survival will be more teasing than appeasing! :D
  11. PuffinMan

    The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot PS4 Demo Arrives on January 11th

    Haha yeah! I'd be interesting if you can get further into the demo or be able to reset the cycle somehow, but I guess it's a one and done job.
  12. PuffinMan

    The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot PS4 Demo Arrives on January 11th

    This game brings back so many memories. :hearteyes::lovewins:
  13. PuffinMan

    PS4 Keystones Repository

    Following the initial PlayStation 4 Keystone File details, the Add Keystone GUI for PS4 FPKG Files and Subreddit, here are some more PS4 keystones for those seeking them: All credit goes to all the original uploaders.
  14. PuffinMan

    PS4 Coming Attractions: New PlayStation 4 Games to Expect in 2019

    I am looking forward to play these titles ... Anthem , Cyberpunk 2077 , Devil May Cry 5 , Mortal Kombat XI , Resident Evil 2 Remake.