1. PS4 Cheat List: Listing of PS4 Cheat Codes / Offsets on Github

    @PS4 Guru for horizon zero .cht file format is different then what i save??? why?? & i cannot apply the one you upload
  2. PS4Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes

    how to apply .cht file...???
  3. PS4 4.05 JailbreakME PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Noobs Tutorial

    @Wultra thanks for this great work any news about 4.55 release....??? i am on 4.50
  4. PS4 Game Backups Revisited on PlayStation 4 v1.76 Retail Consoles

    well done ....great job keep it up
  5. More PlayStation 4 NIDs Documented for PS4 Devs by ZiL0G80 (Z80)

    God Bless Developers At the First
  6. PS4 AIO 1.76 Mod Tool and Console Tools Overview by Modded Warfare

    Great Job Keep It Up to 4.XX ....(y)
  7. MTuner Memory Profiler and Leak Finder for PS4, PS3 by Milostosic

    hope dev's find out the difference between 1.73 & 4.7X .... that the files process throw which filters ??? or blocks
  8. Activate / Deactivate PS4 Apps via DevKit Debug Settings by eXtreme

    great work... lets see that it will help us in future or not!!!
  9. PS4 Jailbreak: STATUS (OPEN)

    okay lets make a scene : i have ps4 with OFW 4.72 + mtx chip + hdd with games and i disconnect my ps4 from internet at all (no more play store) now can i play games from one of my friend HDD which he downloaded from play store on ps4 with OFW 4.73 "without mtx chip"???