1. ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84 for PS4 6.72 Jailbroken Consoles by C0d3m4st4

    we need stability just like sony nowadays. The irony.
  2. Installing PS4 Gentoo Linux on PlayStation 4 Guide by Mircoho

    can someone port Latest Android with kb and mouse support coz its also based on linux. I think it will be more useful coz of bigger app library.
  3. Sony Confirms PlayStation is Skipping the E3 2020 Annual Event

    game hardware stores are closing, new hacks are not releasing, games have lost their replay value, dlc's have messed the AAA gaming, Online is not free anymore, E3 is dying. microsoft lost the touch. Welcome to the next decade.
  4. PS4 Webkit Bad_Hoist Exploit for PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.XX by Fire30

    Time to get hope high again just like 5.50 lol.
  5. PS4 System Software / Firmware 7.01 is Now Live, Don't Update!

    Now this is like Christmas without Santa and Snow. Sony released the tree. Hackers are not releasing Santa and the Snow. wait or not but one thing i do know is that not releasing a jb is dividing the dedicated homebrew community which was here since the days of PS1. Mark my words still it will...
  6. PlayStation Scene Devs on Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploits and Homebrew

    this is bad news lol not good. Its jailbreak but after serving a lifetime sentence lol. there is no life left. You are 60 years old and police (Sony) will still be after you.
  7. PS4 Exploit Host Menu Leeful Host v2 WIP Design Update and Demo

    this is great. but i hope to see boot level exploits with the new master keys soon. that way new games can work on 5.05 and hopefully Ps4 will get cracked once and for all. then cfw babes.
  8. A Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Hits Netflix on October 11, 2019

    @PSXHAX completely agree with you on that.. with all the stores closing and no jailbreak, again corporate is taking over retail. all the money is going directly to sony, micro and ninty. They can sell the hardware directly online and the games on the store and now can stop the jailbreak so...
  9. PS4 System Software / Firmware 6.72 Released, Don't Update!

    i hope to see a new jb soon. there is no point in releasing the jb late than this. PS5 is announced. Most of the people will move to next gen next year. The real fun of jb is playing the game on release date with the mods.. not after 2 years. There is not even a single xbox one hack by now...
  10. A Way Out Joins the New PlayStation 4 Game Releases Next Week

    great game. looking to play it tonight. long live couch gaming. and a great info for true gamers. keep posting it. Thanks @PSXHAX
  11. PS4 5.50 WebKit (Userland) Exploit Rewrite by Qwertyoruiop

    i wonder about the people who ordered mtx chip. nopes
  12. PlayStation 4 Keystone File Details on PS4 Dev Wiki by Barthen

    it is the file used in save data of games. might get useful for unlocking game saves.
  13. Loading PS4 Payload from a Blu-ray (Server-less Option) BD-J

    can anyone analyse how enso was achieved on vita. i think that may help.