1. PS4 Crash Dump Decryptor Python Script via SocraticBliss

    I made cheap PC for AAA games, enjoying a lot on window 10 thanks to Codex & CPY !! on other hand my ps4 is only for exclusive & enjoying online too; NO more waiting or no more warning !!! so keep waiting 5.05 users, God knows when will u get kexploit for your system ?
  2. Dumping PS4 5.05 DLC, Games, Updates & Themes Guide by TheRadziu

    do u have kurt angle dlc wwe 2k18 ?
  3. PSDLCIndex: PlayStation Store PS4 DLC Indexer by GarnetSunset

    hey, do u have kurt angle DLC for wwe2k18 ? plz share it
  4. PS4 6.20 Build Strings by Fire30, ETA WEN for Kernel Exploit?

    It mean TJ >= Matheulla jarvis !! hurray !!
  5. PS4_DB_Rebuilder to Restore FPKGs After PS4 Database Rebuilding

    Redownload the release.. or check ur FTP (ps4) page is still running or sleeping !! it means some pkg (games) missing on internal hdd or external hdd.
  6. PS4 6.20 Method: Activate PSN Accounts with Games via Jose Coixao!

    5.05 Exploit is far far far better !!
  7. PlayStation Classic is Hacked, PS Classic Game Swapping Videos!

    Is this post related to ps4 jailbreaking ?
  8. PS4Brew 4.74 PlayStation 4 Kernel Exploit by CelesteBlue Arrives

    Who's stuck on 4.74 ? Nobody, everyone want to play God of war that's why we bought ps4. I hope so !!
  9. Sony Confirms PlayStation is Skipping the E3 2019 Annual Event

    it mean, Sony confirmed PS5 arrived in E3 2020 !! AMD Ryzen in PS5 (only guess so).
  10. Improving PS4 Remote Package Installer Speed by MODDEDWARFARE

    always prefer USB method for large files !!
  11. PS4 Aux Hax 4: Belize (Southbridge) via HDMI CEC by Fail0verflow

    Now downgrading is possible !!
  12. DiscDump 50X Payload: Dump from PS4 Optical Drive to USB by Stooged

    Is SAMU cracked ? A Big No, But hope again !! So how can we playing 5.XX games on 5.05 ? Right now Nintendo switch scene is faster than PS4 !!!
  13. PS4 Exploit Host for 5.05 HEN Payloads Offline Without ESP8266

    this method is superb, but anyway im stick with my previous method; it works fine for me my success rate of mira + hen is 100%; becuase i'm self hosting it :):)
  14. Android App to Host PS4 5.05 Exploit and Payloads by Stooged

    i was using this app & PS4 browser says "the data is not supported by ps4" i checked all the setting everything is good then i click on mira+hen page exploit worked fine without any isue; Im stick with by default exploit MIra+Hen & its worked good for me;
  15. PS4 Kernel Exploit 5.05 by SpecterDev, Kernel Dumper and Payloads

    Hurray !!! Exploit worked, no issue at all on 5.05 Update Blocker works fine Installed fresh fpkg Minecraft on 5.05 ==> Thanks Specter, Flatz & Qwerty <==