1. PS4 PKG Install from Internal HDD via FTP & BGFT Method by Flatz

    Plus, you eliminate the need for the extra hardware, a USB device of enough capacity. I still cannot comprehend why people cling to the idea of multiman on PS4, I mean, what could it possibly do that isn't available now?
  2. PS4Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes

    Tested in Yakuza 0 running 5.05, worked perfectly.
  3. PS4 Kernel Exploit 5.05 by SpecterDev, Kernel Dumper and Payloads

    Any chance to copy games using a drive in NTFS?, would like to avoid formatting mine just for this, since making a backup of all the files would take more space than I have available.