1. Open-World Action Game American Fugitive Hits PS4 This Year, Demo

    GTA 2 REMAKE :bananaman::bananaman:
  2. Lapy's Chicken (Flappy Bird Clone) PS4 Homebrew Fake PKG by Lapy

    looks better than flappy bird :bananaman:
  3. PS4 WebKit Exploit Port for Firmware 5.03 by Thierry

    another webkit yaaaay :eek:
  4. PS4 5.50 WebKit (Userland) Exploit Rewrite by Qwertyoruiop

  5. MultiMAN PS4 in Development by DeanK, Open Source Code on Github?

  6. PS4 4.55 WebKit Exploit Documentation Write-up by SpecterDev

  7. List of Proxies Used to Bypass on PlayStation 4

    will these bypass 4.74 if you are on 4.06-4.72 ?