1. Watson68

    PlayStation 4 v5.05 and ESP8266 Exploit Playground by Zoilus

    @Zoilus The Self Hosting Version link to the file seems to be down, when i click the link it gives a 404 error. Can you fix this please. Thanks.
  2. Watson68

    God of War PS4 Joins New PlayStation Game Releases Next Week

    Too bad we can't just simply spoof the firmware :(
  3. Watson68

    How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged

    @stooged Thanks for your excellent tutorial. Can we use this same method to host the new 4.55 exploit?
  4. Watson68

    PS4 4.55 Holy Grail (PS4HEN) by M0rph3us1987, Playground Updates

    Hey guys. I am currently hosting the 4.05 ps4hen exploit on my Sandisk Connect WiFi/USB. Can I do the same with this new exploit?