1. YaNo

    PS4 Kernel Loaders for IDA 7.0+ Released by SocraticBliss

    I wish we find a way to play NEW games in the exploited version 5.05 :spsbuttonbnw:🤩
  2. YaNo

    Sony Announces Two New PlayStation VR Bundles, Details

    awesome view with the VR
  3. YaNo

    Overcome: Save the Girl Edition PS4 Homebrew PKG by Lapy05575948

    i wonder if they'll put Asphalt 9 Legends in the PS4 :giggle:
  4. YaNo

    PS4HEN 2.0 Homebrew Enabler for PS4 5.05 via SiSTR0!

    my ps4 shutdown when activate both of hen 2.0 or mira+hen!! is it a problem in my ps4 or what!?