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  1. 01cedric

    PS4 Call of Duty: Ghosts 1.00 Custom SFX Demos by 01cedric

    Hey Guys :fhappy: Long story short... following my last project I have since helped @DeathRGH to create Custom Images on Ghosts (PS4), at the same time I've ported over my Custom SFX Method from PS3 to PS4, which allows the user to overwrite any Sound in the Game with a custom one. Download...
  2. WEBRTM PS3 SPRX / EBOOT Game Mod Project by 01cedric & Swaqq

    If you're into PS3 game mods you may want to check out the WEBRTM PS3 SPRX / EBOOT Project from @01cedric and Swaqq which aims to allow modding directly from your browser without any IP required! :thumbsupxf2: Here's what PlayStation 3 developer 01cedricv2 on NGU had to say about their new...