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  1. PS5 Remote Kernel Heap Overflow by M00nbsd, Patched in 9.03 PS4 Firmware

    Proceeding his SMAP Bypass PS5 Vulnerability disclosed last year, security researcher m00nbsd announced via Twitter today the disclosure of a PlayStation 5 Remote Kernel Heap Overflow Vulnerability on PlayStation Bug Bounty site which affects PlayStation 5 consoles up to 4.03 PS5...
  2. PS5 Webkit Execution: 4.03 ROP Userland Exploitation on PlayStation 5

    In PlayStation 5 Scene news today developers ChendoChap and @zezu420 (Znullptr on Twitter aka dmiller423) released some PS5 Webkit Execution documentation and related code for 4.03 ROP Userland Exploitation (3.20 now included also) on PlayStation 5 while stating that DNS redirection to https...

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