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  1. Assistance and knowledge in retrieving PS3 HDD data

    Greetings everyone. Last month, my PS3 froze while playing a game (this game is prone to freezing). So I powered it down by pressing the power button, but it always goes into recovery mode. No problem, until that day- it got stuck at 43%. 2 days later, I gave up and powered it off again...
  2. puneet888

    Reading PS3 HDD on PC help

    Has anyone tried to remove ps3 hdd from slot and ran it on pc with hdd reader? If we do it what will we see on pc ??
  3. Recovering files from PS3 Hard drive & PS3 HDD Reader / Decryption

    Hi folks sorry not hacks related but will try keep this short. I had a friend come to me with a hard drive from a PS3 which has broke. Not exactly sure in what way it is broken, however.. there were very important photos, videos etc on this Ps3 which are unreplaceable. won't get it into to...
  4. SorenAlke

    COBRA USB Command-PS2 netemu

    #define ORI(RA, RS, UI) (24 << 26) | (RS << 21) | (RA << 16) | (UI&0xFFFF) theres your freaking patch to fix wireless sync issue among other bullsh!t
  5. PS3 RSX Driver LV1 Reverse-Engineering Project by 3141card

    Today PlayStation 3 developer 3141card shared a test LV1 RSX (Reality Synthesizer) that he's working on reverse-engineering for PS3 developers to examine. Download: test_lv1_rsx.rar / lv1(rsx_driver-idb).rar via SorenAlke To quote: Hi, a few weeks ago I start RE the RSX driver in LV1 to help...