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  1. Verizon to Sell Sony PS5 Disc Edition & Digital Edition Consoles

    In addition to Select Retailers and Sony PS5 Direct Orders, this holiday season Telecommunications company Verizon will be selling both the PS5 Disc Edition Console for $499.99 and PS5 Digital Edition Console for $399.99 to existing Verizon wireless account holders reportedly around December...
  2. PS4 9.00 & PS5 WebKit Exploit by Sleirsgoevy, Kernel Exploit Required!

    Earlier this week PS4Scene developer @sleirsgoevy expressed interest in feedback of his FontFaceSet Vulnerability PoC based on the previously released code, and today he shared a PS4 WebKit Exploit (Github) on 9.00 Firmware... which has also been confirmed by @zecoxao via Twitter among others as...