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  1. PS4 Homebrew Vagrant Box Execution & Development by Justanormaldev

    Today justanormaldev made available a Github repository for PlayStation 4 developers dubbed PS4 Homebrew Vagrant for 5.05 jailbroken consoles, which as the name implies is a vagrant box for homebrew (unsigned code) execution and development. :geekxf2: Download: /...
  2. Strike Elite Unity PS4 FPS Homebrew Game by Jyuce for 5.05 OFW

    Since the Unity PS4 leak some Homebrew PS4 PKG releases have resulted thus far, with the latest being Strike Elite from Jyuce for PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.55 or above including 5.05. :biggrinxf2: Download: ED1633-NPXX51362_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (577 MB) To quote from his Tweet...

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