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  1. New PS5 Model CFI-1100B Weighs Less Due to Smaller Heatsink

    While many in the PS5Scene are still struggling to Acquire a PS5 Console, a Lighter PS5 Model CFI-1100B with an upgraded stand alongside internal changes including a redesigned fan and smaller heatsink contribute to the 0.3 KG (0.6 LBS) weight reduction according to a report by Austin Evans of...
  2. Building a Portable PS4 Slim Demonstration Video by Austin Evans

    We've covered the PlayBook 4 S & PlayBook 4 Pro PS4 Slim laptop mods, and now Austin Evans puts a new twist on PlayStation 4 video gaming on the go with his latest YouTube Channel video demonstrating the Portable PS4 Slim console! :geekxf2: According to the video's caption notes, their PS4 Slim...