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  1. Kaslr 3.55, 4.00 & 4.01 by 5lipper in Fail0verflow PS4 Kexec GIT

    Following the Chaitin Tech PS4 ROP Tool, 5lipper recently added PlayStation 4 Kaslr (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization) 3.55, 4.00 and 4.01 Firmware support in fail0verflow's PS4 Kexec GIT. :pumpkin: While that was done a few days ago and mentioned by @Fimo among others in the Shoutbox...
  2. ROP Tool Released by Chaitin Tech Used in PS4 Jailbreak Exploit

    Following recent research from PlayStation 4 developers into the 4.01 PS4 Jailbreak by Chaitin Tech, today the Chinese PS4 Jailbreaking Team have released an ROP (Return Oriented Programming) tool on their Pro GIT to aid developers in exploiting the PlayStation 4. Download: / GIT...

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