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  1. Death Dealer

    Minecraft PS4 Debug Menu & Minecraft PC Mods / PS4 Asset Sync Tool

    Since my Minecraft PS4 Debug Menu demonstration video, here's the PS4 Asset Sync Tool for syncing resource and behavior packs from PC to PlayStation 4 with Minecraft 2.35 (1.18.1) allowing for Minecraft PC Mods on Jailbroken PS4 9.00 consoles in the PS4Scene. 🤖 This comes following the...
  2. Guide to Compile HENkaku Homebrew for PS Vita / PSTV with PSDK3v3

    To coincide with the official HENkaku developer guide, below is a tutorial on how to compile HENkaku homebrew for PS Vita / PSTV with PSDK3v3 by kozarovv as follows, to quote: How to compile Vita/PSTV henkaku homebrew using PSDK3v3 Tutorial Simple step by step tutorial to compile henkaku...