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  1. PS4 Debugger: Open Source PlayStation 4 Debugging by TheRealCain532

    Based on the PS4Debug library by golden (aka @g991), developer TheRealCain532 recently made available an open source debugger for PlayStation 4 with some of his own features added as well. :lovexf2: Download: PS4 Debugger.exe (3.6 MB) / GIT To quote from the on the release: PS4...
  2. PS4Debug: PlayStation 4 Debugger with 5.05 OFW Support by Xemio

    If you haven't checked out his awesome PS2 for PS4 PKGs Guide or JKPatch PS4 Memory Tool by all means do, as recently Xemio (aka @g991 or jogolden / goldfitzgerald on Twitter) made available a PlayStation 4 Debugger with 5.05 OFW support called PS4Debug for developers to modify memory with...