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  1. FRMCHK: Identify PS4 Games in Firmware Groups by DefaultDNB (KiiWii)

    As the PlayStation 4 scene inches closer to a 6.72 full jailbreak since the 7.02 Kernel Exploit and 6.72 WebKit Port releases, today developer and homebrew tester extraordinaire @DEFAULTDNB shared via Twitter what he calls FRMCHK which is a Web-based database to identify PS4 games in set /...
  2. PS4IDENT: Find Jailbreakable PlayStation 4 Consoles Before Buying

    Following the recent X-Project PS4 5.05 Self Host / ESP8266 updates and PS4 1.76 / 4.05 Lists, PlayStation 4 developer @DEFAULTDNB (aka KiiWii on Twitter) has now made available what he calls PS4IDENT which attempts to identify the potential OFW version of sealed new PS4 consoles by entering...

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