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  1. PS5 User Interface (UI) Boot Startup Leak Rumored, Scarlet Nexus Trailer

    Following the previous PlayStation 5 User Interface rumors and PS5 UI Concept Demo videos, this weekend wsb_BernieMadoff shared a rumored PS5 User Interface (UI) Boot Startup Leak video via Reddit alongside some fresh Scarlet Nexus PS5 official trailer videos for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Game...
  2. PS5 DevKits... PlayStation 5 Development Kits Everywhere!

    It wasn't long ago when we saw Sony's Prototype Patent, some 3D Artist Renditions, the first leaked PS5 Dev Kit Prototype Images and now even more developers appear to be receiving their PlayStation 5 Development Kits! :love: The latest piece of PlayStation 5 eye candy comes via Alcoholikaust...

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