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  1. PS5 CXD90060GG Processor SoC (System on a Chip) Images by Fritzchens Fritz

    Proceeding the PS4 Syscon High-Res Images, PS4 APU Floor Plan High-Res Die Shots and his PlayStation 4 Pro photo album, recently FritzchensFritz made available some PS5 CXD90060GG SoC (System on a Chip) integrated circuit images of the PlayStation 5 silicon processor. 🔬🤓 Here's more details...
  2. PS4 APU Floor Plan High-Resolution Die Shots & Vpikhur at Toorcon 2019

    Those who enjoy PlayStation 4 eye candy may recall seeing PS4 System Controller High-Res Images awhile back, and recently Volodymyr Pikhur passed along some PS4 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Floor Plan High-Resolution Die Shots from Oleg Kashirin and Fritzchens Fritz (Twitter) alongside...

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