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  1. PS4 GTA V Native Updater IDA Pro 7.0+ Script & Ghidra Ethylamine Port

    Following his GTA V Native Caller PS4 1.32 Port and updates, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @2much4u (Twitter) recently updated his PS4 GTA V Native Updater IDA Pro 7.0+ Script on Github adding for use with Ghidra to analyze and update native addresses via ethylamine. :geek...
  2. GhidraPS4Loader PS4 ELF Loader, PS4FlashTool & More by Jogolden!

    Following the PS4REN Remote Play Enabler and Nintendo Switch Loader for NSA's software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools known as Ghidra (Ghidra Cheat Sheet), PlayStation 4 developer @g991 (aka goldfitzgerald) updated his Github repository with a module to support loading PlayStation 4...

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