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  1. PS4 GameDump Title Editor for PlayStation 4 Game Dumps by Ginsor

    Following his previous work, PlayStation 4 developer @Ginsor has made available a PS4 GameDump Title Editor for those sharing their PS4 1.76 Backup Games, Methods and Test Results with the scene. :-D Download: PS4 GameDump Title Editor To quote from e✘, roughly translated: PS4...
  2. PS4 1.76 UI Mods: Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme

    Since reporting on the Avatar Grabber, PS4 1.76 UI Mod with Full Debug Settings demo and recent Activate / Deactivate PS4 Apps Entitlement Control the modders at e✘ continue their PS4 1.76 UI Mods development with a Custom PSN User Avatar and Alpha 0.11 demonstration video below...

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