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  1. Save Wizard.Online: PS4 Edition Announced by PS4SaveWizard Team

    Following the initial news from @harryoke on Save Wizard for PS4 MAX alongside a PS4 Save Wizard Tutorial and updated PS4 Save Wizard Guide, the PS4SaveWizard Team just announced their next generation of cheat software called Save PS4 Edition. 🤑 For those who don't mind forking...
  2. Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) Character Object Models Decrypted & Extracted

    Not long ago we shared a Playable Teaser PS4 Model Data & Textures Extraction Guide, and recently MrAdults unveiled some Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) character object models decrypted and extracted by DickWhitehouse of with the textures attached. :-D Download:
  3. PS4 Pro Pwnd by PlayStation 4 Devs via 0Day Exploit, Don't Update

    If you're standing outside in some long and cold Black Friday line today this is just for you- following the earlier news, today @harryoke confirmed on Twitter that PlayStation 4 developers have pwnd the PS4 Pro which currently ships sporting PS4 3.70 OFW with a 0day exploit! :tree::santa: He...