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  1. HENkaku Offline Hosting and HENkaku KOTH Challenge by Yifan Lu

    PlayStation Vita hacker yifanlu has recently made available HENkaku Offline Hosting source code and officially presents the HENkaku KOTH Challenge! :D Download: HENkaku Offline Hosting GIT / Source code (zip) / Source code (tar.gz) To quote from Yifan Lu's Blog on the HENkaku KOTH...
  2. UkakNEH: HENkaku PS Vita Jailbreaking Exploit Reversed by H

    The PlayStation Vita jailbreaking exploit known as HENkaku has been in the wild around a week and wololo now reports that a 'mysterious' user by the name of H has shared a Pastebin partially reverse-engineering HENkaku with details below. :ninja: To quote from the Pastebin: HENkaku exploit...