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  1. PSFreeDOOM: Homebrew Game FPKG for PS4 / PS5 by SnakePlissken

    Since his Duke Nukem 3D (DN3D) PS4 Unity Project Demos, homebrew developer @SnakePlissken (_SnakePlissken1 on Twitter) aka snakeplissken2862 on YouTube let us know his PSFreeDOOM v3.1 Homebrew Game FPKG is released for Jailbroken PS4 consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene and Hacked PS5 consoles in...
  2. SnakePlissken

    Block Buster PS4 Homebrew PKGs by SnakePlissken

    Proceeding my recent Snake Ball PKG and the first PSVR homebrew Brutal VR DooM 2.5 PKG, today I present to you Block Buster for PS4 with special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for Closed Alpha testing with a demonstration video below from my YouTube Channel. Directions: Hold d-pad down and press the...