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  1. ThemeDumperFTP: PS4 Retail Theme PKG Dumper via FTP by OfficialAhmed

    Following his ProfileIt PS4 Tool release, the PS4 Theme Dumping Guide and countless PS4 Theme PKGs currently accessible PlayStation 4 developer OfficialAhmed made available ThemeDumperFTP which is a PS4 Retail Theme PKG dumper through FTP... noting the following via Twitter to quote: :fire...
  2. ProfileIt: PS4 Tool to Change PlayStation 4 Profile Icons by OfficialAhmed

    Proceeding his MyTrophies Beta PS4HEN Trophy Calculator and Iconit: PS4 Tool releases, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer OfficialAhmed released ProfileIt via Twitter which is an all-in-one PS4 tool to automate / change PlayStation 4 profile icons with ease. šŸ˜ƒ Download: ProfileIt (29.1 MB...

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