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  1. Sonic: Wild Blur Made in Dreams on PS4 by Clowfoe and Collaborators

    Just days ago we saw an Unreal Engine 5 Demo Tribute made in Dreams on PlayStation 4, and now designer Clowfoe (GumballerYT) with help from various Collaborators including Ninjacat2118 released Sonic: Wild Blur created in Dreams. 🤩 Download: Sonic: Wild Blur PS4 (Dreams) Here's to hoping Sega...
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog Emulator Test Demo on Retail PS4 Version 4.05

    This is a random video from YouTube user Paradox (not the scene group :p) demonstrating what appears to be a Sonic The Hedgehog emulator test on retail PS4 Firmware version 4.05. He notes that this is NOT a PlayStation 4 jailbreak in the video's title for what it's worth. :unsure: Thanks to...