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  1. PS4JB: PS4 7.02 Jailbreak Updates by Sleirsgoevy, Kernel Dump and More!

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :music: following the PS4 WebKit 0-Day Exploit, PS4 Userland 7.02 Port fork, 7.02 PS4 Full Stack and 7.02 PS4HEN this weekend PlayStation 4 developer sleirsgoevy updated his PS4JB Github repository with a PS4 7.02 Jailbreak page currently featuring...
  2. ToDEX.bin: PS4 7.02 Payload Unlocks Some PS4 Debug / TestKit Features

    Next week is Christmas and the PS4Scene continues receiving early gifts from developers... today's being a 7.02 port of the ToDEX.bin payload via @zecoxao on Twitter for those making use of the 7.02 PS4 WebKit / Kernel Exploit with PS4HEN 7.00-7.02. 🎄 :ninja: 🎁 :santa: Download: todex.bin (7.40...

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