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  1. Lush78

    How to Properly Dump / Build PS4 Game & Separate Update FPKG

    I was asked in another thread for a tutorial on dumping PS4 games. Mods are welcome to pin this if they feel it will help establish a standard and for those new to the process... Here is my method of dumping games... 1. Obtain disc (or use your legit PSN install) and install on PS4 (wait for...
  2. Lush78

    Adding PS4 Game Updates in Packages (PKGs) Tutorial by Lush78

    Here is a quick guide I made for bundling PS4 game updates into PKGs. PKG Kitchen 1.3 is used and all thanks to the toolmakers... Game Update PKG Needed: PKG Kitchen 1.3, Offline Update PKG ≤4.05 1: Insert game disc and install 2: Exploit idc, xvortex ftp payload 3: Dump 4 files from...