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  1. Modifying PlayStation 4 Trophies on PS4 1.76 OFW Tutorial by Kudge

    We've seen Unlocking PS4 Trophies, Modded PS4 Trophies, DevKit / TestKit Trophies, a PS4 Trophy Resigner, Resigning PS4 Trophies guide, PS4 Trophy RTM and Modding Profile PS4 Trophies and this weekend @kudge (Twitter) shared a tutorial on modifying PlayStation 4 Trophies on PS4 1.76 OFW...
  2. Modding PS4 Trophies Displayed on Your Profile Demo by Modded Warfare

    Following the PS4 Trophy Modding RTE Guide and his PS4 Payload Injector NetCat GUI, today PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE shared a video demonstration via his YouTube Channel on modifying PS4 Trophies displayed on your profile for 1.76 PS4 consoles. :thumbsupxf2: From the video's...

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