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  1. Blu-Play DOOM I Port by Sleirsgoevy, Homebrew Games with C / C++

    Following the second PS4 Blu-Play homebrew release The UFO Game! from LuBlu Entertainment, developer sleirsgoevy demonstrates that you can create Blu-ray Disc Java homebrew with C or C++ using Cybil MIPS transpiler. Simply convert your C / C++ code into BD-J. 🥏 Sounds too good to be true? I...
  2. PlayStation 4 BD-J (PS4 Blu-ray Java) Homebrew Answers by Mr_lou

    A few years back we saw some PS4 BD-J Homebrew ports followed more recently by PS4 Webkit Emulators, a BDLive Bug and a PS4 JavaScript Emulator demonstration video with some answers to common questions recently by musician and coder Mr_lou. :cool: To quote: Hello all. Just signed up here, and...