1. Shiningami

    PS4Modding.net: PS4 Cheats and Modding Platform Trainers with Tools

    Since the release of PS4 Reaper (debugger and trainer maker) the goal was to gather modders and gamers around one passion. Today we've come along way: 3 Universal Trainers (PC, Android, iOS), 247 Trainers in total... and now we're are proud to announce the PS4Modding.net new web platform for...
  2. Shiningami

    PS4Reaper Multitrainer: PS4 Community Cheat Loader by Shiningami

    Just after the release of PS4Reaper earlier today, here is the PS4REAPER Multitrainer! Download: PS4Reaper MultiTrainer Beta v2.zip (22.1 MB) / PS4Reaper MultiTrainer Beta v2.zip (Mirror) / Latest Version What is it ? A trainer loader addition for PS4 Reaper: it load trainer made by PS4Reaper...