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  1. PS4 Lib CISO Port & Zlib by CFWProphet, Fix_ELF PS4 Port by Pink1

    Proceeding his PSFSKKey SaveGame Decryption Tool PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet of updated his LibHB PS4 Homebrewing Library alongside a video on using resources in LibHomebrew with 5.05 samples. He's also updated the Github repositories featuring both a PS4 Lib CISO...
  2. PS4 Jailbreak PSP Injection (PSPHD Basic Injection) Tutorial

    PS4 JAILBREAK PSP Injection Tutorial (PSPHD BASIC INJECTION TUTORIAL) by @seanp2500 :note: Here's a Tutorial by strann0, and also another from KiiWii to quote: [WIP] PSP Injection BASIC INJECTION TUTORIAL: You will need: orbis-pub-chk orbis-pub-gen parappa the rappa/patapon/loco roco 2...
  3. mcmrc1

    CFW Settings 0.1 for PS3 Custom Firmware by Mysis

    Hello, following his PS3 plug-ins comes a great release from developer mysis called CFW Settings for PlayStation 3 :) It allows you to Remarry BD without downgrading and Factory Service Mode without a dongle which is very nice :) Download: xmb_cfw-settings.0.1.rar To quote: CFW-Settings 0.1...