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  1. NOBUNAGA PS4 Firmware 5.00 Beta 6 Arrives to Testers Today

    If you're curious how many Betas Sony will release before making NOBUNAGA PS4 Firmware 5.00 available to the rest of us, the answer is at least six... as today Beta Testers received a PS4 Firmware 5.00 Beta 6 update PUP file to check for any bugs remaining. :laughxf2: Just like the previous...
  2. PS4 Firmware 5.00 Beta Out Today, NOBUNAGA Key Features Detailed!

    Featuring an overhauled family management system and 1080p60 broadcasting with PS4 Pro as rumored, the PS4 System Software / Firmware 5.00 Beta rolls out to testers today with what to expect under the hood of codename NOBUNAGA outlined below! :lovexf2: Download: PS4 5.00 Beta 3 PS4UPDATE.PUP /...

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